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FoxBox v1.1.2 (foxbox.zip - 322KB)

(Updated 24-Apr-2002)



FoxBox is a utility developed by Alex Korot of West Bloomfield, Michigan. Please correspond with Alex on any support issues.

Rick Schummer uses this product and takes no responsibility other than giving it a home on the web for other developers to gain access.

It is not something you will use everyday interactively within the VFP development environment, but it could be a tool that you will find indispensable for your customers when you are onsite or doing some remote support via pcAnywhere. FoxBox is a Command Window (and much more) without having a full copy of VFP loaded on the customer site. It does require the same runtimes that are installed for your application.

This tool allows you to run any command in VFP that does not fire the “Feature not available” error. Therefore you can open up a table and browse it, you can perform SQL-Selects to inspect data, you can fire up a REPORT FORM, or recreate an index, or you can open text files. All the things you want to perform with VFP that you do not want to build into your executable can be accomplished via FoxBox.

Click to see at full size...

The cursor browser (via browse button on FoxBox Console) displays a smarter browser. You can sort the cursor based on available indexes and by clicking on the column headers. The Structure button displays much more than the LIST STRUCTURE command produces.

You can also include this tool inside of your applications. You will likely want to secure this feature so the users won't have access. FoxBox has additional functionality when built into the executables. See the documentation for more discussions.

The source code has been included and there are Word documents for more information.

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