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My formal schooling is in Computer Science at Oakland University, but for some reason there is a little journalist or author that is hidden within me. I have been fortunate to have editors who are kind enough to mop up some of my English flaws and publish some of my technical writings. I also have a couple of user groups that provide me an outlet for writing so I can assist others as they progress in their education. This page provides an index to some of these writings.

A number of my articles from the user groups are available on the groups' websites. These are available for publication in periodicals that are not sold (i.e. other like user groups) with the stipulation that you will let me know when it is published and would not mind sending me a copy of the publication. I'm not really interested in rereading my writings <g>, but I love reading other user group newsletters to learn more and get ideas on how my group's newsletters can be improved. Naturally the articles published in the Subscription publications are copyrighted by the publication as well as my own rights so these articles are not available for further publication.

Subscription Publications


This FoxTalk link will take you directly to my author page on the Pinnacle Publishing site. Here is a complete list of the articles published in this publication:

  • Get More Productive with VFP, Part 5, October 2003
  • Get More Productive with VFP, Part 4, June 2003
  • Get More Productive with VFP, Part 3, May 2003
  • Get More Productive with VFP, Part 2, April 2003
  • Get More Productive with VFP, Part 1, March 2003
  • Integrating Acrobat with VFP - Part 4, January 2003
  • Integrating Acrobat with VFP - Part 3, December 2001
  • Integrating Acrobat with VFP - Part 2, November 2001
  • Integrating Acrobat with VFP - Part 1, October 2001
  • Deployment: Post-Implementation, August 2001
  • Deployment: Production, July 2001
  • Deployment: Delivery Methods, May 2001
  • Deployment: Additional Setup Tips, February 2001
  • Deployment: Create the Setup, January 2001
  • Deployment: Installation Preparation, November 2000
  • Deployment: Walkthroughs, January 2000 (Extended Article)
  • Deployment: Getting Ready, November 1999 (Extended Article)
  • Using AddObject, May 1998
  • MS Info in Applications, September 1997
  • Using VFP 5.0 Top-Level Forms, July 1997
  • Subclassing Visual FoxPro Base Classes, January 1996
  • Get Values from CONFIG.FPx, December 1995
  • FoxPro’s Project File, November 1994

FoxPro Advisor

  • Customize the Debugger  (Tip), October 2003
  • Create a Permanent Bookmark (Tip), February 2003
  • Assign Methods All the Time (Tip), June 2002
  • Sort Items in the Debugger Watch Window (Tip), January 2001
  • Turn Data-Entry Forms into Query Forms, Easily, April 1999
  • New Visual FoxPro 6.0 Form Property Makes Improved Splash Screen (Tip), December 1998
  • Execute Selection Trap (Tip), November 1998
  • Filter Field List with DataToClip() Method (Tip), November 1998
  • Make Your Applications More Flexible with Stonefield Query, July 1998
  • Build Developer Tools Using Metadata, April 1998
  • VFP 5.0: Maximize Your Productivity, November 1996

PC World

  • User Group Tip: Special Character Tips in Word 6.0 for Windows (July 1994)

User Group Columns

I have the great pleasure of writing monthly columns in two different user group newsletters.

As the president of the Sterling Heights Computer Club (SHCC) from 1992 through 1998, I wrote a monthly column called "From the President's Square Office" in the group's WYSIWYG Gazette newsletter. This fine publication is published 10 times a year so that makes it 70 columns. Some of these columns have been published on the groups web site, so feel free to evaluate them and send me some feedback. Through an excellent program in which user groups share articles, some of my better columns have been able to help as many as 50,000 or more PC owners. This regular column was no longer written when I changed to the position of Secretary. I occasionally penned a column "From the Secretary's Notebook", but have since retired from that position as well. It is my current goal to publish 2 to 3 articles a year for this newsletter.

From 1994 to 1998 I was fortunate to write the FoxPro Tip.of.the.Month in almost every issue of the Detroit Area Fox User Group (DAFUG) newsletter. I have written a number of other articles for what I consider one of the best Fox freebie newsletters in the country. Many of these articles have been reprinted in other FoxPro user group newsletters across the country. The newsletter is no longer published since the group has taken a different direction.


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