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About RAS

There is plenty of information about myself on this website.  If you are looking for more information about my professional side you can check out my Resume page and/or the Articles and Presentations page.  If you are interested in some of my favorite websites you can check out the Favorites page. 

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This page concentrates more on my personal side.
  • Favorite all-time movie quote: "Never tell me the odds...", Hans Solo in the Empire Strikes Back
  • Person dead or alive I would like to meet: Neil Armstrong
  • Favorite food (in case you want to take me to lunch <g>): Thai - Vegetable Curry, medium spice

I find software development to be more than a job, it is also one of my many hobbies.  Outside of computers I love camping, cycling, genealogy, photography, space exploration, and coin collecting.

Q & A

This web site is a media to pass along information to to friends and colleagues. Below is a set of questions a friend passed along in one of those chain emails. While I don't support (and usually delete) these Internet clogging junk mails, I found this one particularly fun and a way to pass along information to those interested.



Name Richard Allen Schummer
Nickname Rick
Birthplace Detroit, MI, USA
Original Hometown Warren, MI, USA
Current Hometown Sterling Heights, MI, USA
Favorite Database Development Tool Visual FoxPro, followed by FoxPro for DOS
Favorite Software Product Family Tree Maker
Croutons Or Bacon Bits Hate stale bread, don't eat meat
Favorite Salad Dressing Zesty Italian
Do You Drink? A beer a year at DevCon, and occasionally champagne
Shampoo Or Conditioner Both
Have You Ever Gone Skinny Dipping Only by accident after diving and tubing
Do You Make Fun Of People Occasionally
Favorite Colors Blue, Green
Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Crime No
One Pillow Or Two Two
Pets Dog, Biscuit (see her own page)
Favorite Types of Music Classic Rock, Classical, Relaxation
Dream Car Cars are an expense, never really dream about them
Type Of Car You Drive Now 2002 Grand Am GT
What Was Your First Car 1975 Pontiac Astra (like a Vega) white, burgundy top
Toothpaste Crest
Favorite Food Thai, Vegetable Curry – all vegetable, medium spice
Do You Get Along With Your Parents Yes and the in-laws
Favorite Ice Cream Chocolate Chip (but lactose intolerant)
Favorite Soft Drink Coke Classic
Favorite Type Of Family Game To Play Uno
What Is Your Bad Time of Day Very early in the morning
Favorite Time of Year Fall
Adidas, Nike, Or Reebok Nike
Favorite Cologne/Perfume Never wear the stuff
Favorite Subjects in High School Drafting, Biology
Least Favorite Subject in High School Religion
Favorite Subjects in College Database Design, Micro Economics
Least Favorite Subject in College Calculus I
Favorite Movie You Have Seen Back to the Future I
Favorite Sport to Watch Hockey
Favorite Place to Vacation Orlando, Florida, USA
Dream Vacation 2 weeks exploring Hawaii without the kids (been there, done that (Feb 2001)

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