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GLGDW 2001

Here are some shots taken during the 2001 Great Lakes Great Database Workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA October 27 to October 31. All of the pictures are from Rick's four year old digital camera (super ancient in technical terms). A costume contest was held at the end of the conference since it finished on Halloween. Fox is Monster!!!

Single-clicking on any picture will blow it up full size in a new Browser.

Nancy Folsom, Steve Dingle, and Jackie Adams "The Three Cats": Roxanne Seibert,
Cathy Pountney, and Jacci Adams
Nancy Folsom, Steve Dingle, and Jackie Adams The Three Cats
Mike Levy and his evil twins The HackFox himself: Ted Roche
Dr. Evil Cubed Ya swear the cover of Hacker's Guide was walking around...
Rockin' Whil Hentzen Whil and some of the winners
Whil shaved off his beard for the first time in a decade! ...and they are all professional geeks!

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