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For all the latest Visual FoxPro industry news link to FoxCentral.Net.

GLGDW 2006

WhilFest has been resurrected, but Whil is not putting on the traditional Great Lakes Great Database Workshop (GLGDW). "Fox is Mature" will be a single track conference held April 21-23, 2006. You will be working through best practices for Visual FoxPro developers lead by some of the best speakers on the Fox circuit. Should be a pretty intense weekend. More details can be found at http://www.hentzenwerke.com/conferences/glgdw2006.htm.

Advisor's Visual FoxPro DevCon 2006

The next Advisor Visual FoxPro DevCon has been announced. This one will take place from August 27-31, 2006 in Phoenix, AZ. This will be the 17th gathering for 5 days of technical education with Visual FoxPro, other Microsoft developer tools, and technologies. More details can be found at http://advisorevents.com/.

Southwest Fox Practical Developers Conference 2006

Southwest Fox was very successful in both 2004 and 2005 so Bob Kocher is going to invite all his fox friends to join them in a great fall conference. It will take place from October 19-22, 2006 in Tempe Arizona. This conference wants to provide practical techniques and best practices for all skill levels that can be applied to the problems and challenges in developing applications today. This is easily the best-rated FoxPro specific conference in North America and it is moving to a new conference center / hotel for 2006! More details can be found at http://www.SWFox.net.

European Visual FoxPro Developers Conference 2006

The very popular conference will be held from November 9-11, 2006. Check out http://devcon.dfpug.de for more details. FoxPro developers who have attended this conference in the past call it a must see, must attend conference. I spoke at the 2005 conference and attended some of the German and as many of the English sessions. I can tell you it is an outstanding conference. Rainer Becker and his team put on a first class show.

Past conferences we hope will be scheduled again.

DevEssential (Essential Fox) 2004

Essential Fox will be part of a larger conference called DevEssential held June 4-7, 2004 at the Kansas City Downtown Marriot, Kansas City, MO. If you develop with Visual FoxPro, .NET, or SQL Server, DevEssential is the spring conference for you. Learn from industry experts from around the world. Get cutting edge techniques and solid fundamentals to solve your development challenges today. This conference is the third rendition put together by Russ Swall and his team at Vision Data. Check out http://www.devessentials.com.

OzFox 2004

OzFox is the biggest Microsoft Visual FoxPro conference in Australasia. Held over 3 days in Sydney, Australia, this highly focused format delivers the best content from the best speakers in the Fox community. This years conference will be held from November 29 to December 1, 2004. Check out the details at http://www.ozfox.com.au/.

Visual FoxExpress DevCon

F1 Technologies has hosted many developer conferences which focus on the Visual FoxExpress framework. This year the conference is hosted from September 25-28 2006 at the Radisson in Toledo Ohio. Mike and Toni put on a great conference to show off the new features in the framework, as well as other products supporting the FoxPro Community. More details an be found at http://f1tech.com/.




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