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The following "Website of the Months" were previously posted on this website.  The publisher of this website is keeping the archives just in case he suffers some trauma and loses his memory and wants to know what sites were published in the past.

(Mar 2005)
Google is well known for searching the Web, but the Google Maps (still in the testing stages - beta) might be the coolest thing they have introduced in quite some time. I have almost forgotten about Mapquest.

(Dec 2004)
Interested in holidays, when they are, what countries have what holidays, and what religions have what holidays? Check out Earth Calendar for a comprehensive list, including what holidays are celebrated today all over the globe.

(Oct 2004)
Get the latest in Web browser technology, try FireFox. You can download this free Web browser at the FireFox Web site. I have been using this browser for months and have only run into a few sites that have not worked well. I now have four browsers loaded and use FireFox the majority of the time. It rocks.

(Feb 2003)
Michigan lighthouses have always fascinated me. I am not an expert nor a lighthouse hugger, but this site has some great information if you are interested in how lighthouses work or want more information on Michigan Lighthouses.

(Jan/Feb 2002)
The Hubble Telescope has the best view of the universe. This site has some interesting information on our best eye to the sky.

(Dec 2002)
Christmas Links: It is the holiday season and a friend of mine has created a list of festive Christmas sites to visit. Some are educational, some are about the toys us adults might be interested in. Don presented this list at the Sterling Heights Computer Club this month. (Thanks Don!)

(Nov 2002)
International Space Station: NASA has an informative site on the space station. Interesting news items, images, and statistics. For those who have a interest in space travel, there are plenty of links to other cool space sites available as well.

(Oct 2002)
SmartPages.com: The phone company use to drop off all the phone books you needed to find numbers in your area. Here in Detroit they use to deliver several books for the region, but this is not free anymore. Phones change, new companies start, others fold, and the books are outdated when they are printed. I have found that this site finds most numbers and addresses all over the country more than other like sites.

(Sep 2002)
Dates: Are you always looking for government holiday dates? Wondering when Easter is going to be in March or April, what days are on the current Jewish calendar, or when to move the clock for daylight savings day changes? The initial page is secular, but there are links to all the above dates and plenty more.

(Aug 2002)
Do you want information on the current movie releases, as well as future movies? Movies.com has news on movies in production, trailers, information on the current DVDs, and the release schedule for upcoming DVDs.

(Jul 2002)
Symantec's Security Response: It is not uncommon for my inbox to get popped with some strain of the Klez virus several times a week. It seems almost as frequent that I get some friendly notification of the newest virus or "make sure you remove this file because it is bad" message. If I want the truth and need to separate the hoaxes from real life I hit Symantec's outstanding site.

(June 2002)
Detroit Red Wings: The Wings won the Stanley Cup! This site is pack full of information on HockeyTown's heroes. The site is slow to load, but show some patience, it is worth the wait (not sure if it is just busy or slow server). Site is updated during games, has player stats and pictures, tickets (yeah right <g>), an online store, and much more.

(May 2002)
FoxCentral.net is the news site for Visual FoxPro developers. Keep up on Fox Community news, events, and announcements. Daily visits are a must for the serious FoxPro developer. This is my browser home page.

(Apr 2002)
Dictionary.com: As an author, the most irritating word processing feature missing is a dictionary. As long as I am online I have no problem looking up words that I need the meaning to at this site.

(Feb 2002)
Olympics.com: One of my favorite sporting events is the Olympic competition. This site has live results and information on the competition taking place in Salt Lake City. The site can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of content (and ads), but it even has a description of the sports and some of the rules for some of us that only see these events every 4 years.

(Jan 2002)
Atomic Clock: My laptop clock is constantly falling behind (minutes a day). I like it to be accurate since I use it all the time to make sure I am on time for meetings, phone calls and to tracking billable time. I particularly like the Java clock on this site.

(Dec 2001)
Space.com: I love just about anything to do with outer space. This site tracks more news and information on the exploration of space than any site around. The top gun Space Illustrated Magazine can also be order on this site as well. Most of my desktop images are downloaded from Space.com.

(Nov 2001)
Weather.com: This is the first website that I visit when I need weather information. Recently I have been traveling on business and I make sure I hit Weather.com before packing my bags so I know what type of clothes to bring on the trip.

(Oct 2001)
Discovery.com: If you have cable television you likely have run across The Discovery Channel or one of the sister channels. This network has some terrific shows on just about anything and how it works and affects us. The website is just as cool and has plenty of information that you can extend the brain matter.

(Sep 2001)
If you like to know the exactly what phase of the moon is out in the evening sky check out Moon Phases. It provides day-by-day positions, both current, and dates in the past or future.

(Aug 2001)
ScreenIt.com - Need to find out about movies and why they are rated like they are? Need to find out exactly what vulgar language or what body part was revealed that caused the PG-13 rating. Want to know what the kids were exposed to when they saw a movie you have not? This is the site for you.

(Jul 2001)
MapQuest.com - There are plenty of mapping sites available that will help you with directions from point A to point B, but do they have an aerial view of the location you are mapping to?

(Jun 2001)
HowStuffWorks.com - Marshall Brain's site that explains everything from how a hard drive functions to how a car engine works to how the space shuttle gets to orbit. There is plenty of trivia and really important information that will make your head explode if you give it time.

(May 2001)
HarryPotter.com - Shows the latest news and information on the story of Harry Potter. The reason I liked this site is the cool user interface to the various pages on the site. Nice work!

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