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What was new (version 2.x)
(a.k.a The Site History Page)

What is new (current)

What was new (v3.x)

What was new (v1.x)

Version 2.0.11
(Updated 11-Dec-1999)

  • Minor corrections on various pages. 

Version 2.0.10
(Updated 27-Nov-1999)

  • In the News updated on the Home page
  • Official announcement for the Great Lakes Great Database Workshop, VFP Stuff page
  • New information on books available from Hentzenwerke Publishing, VFP Stuff page

Version 2.0.9
(Updated 20-Nov-1999)

  • Added the new About RAS page
  • Fixed some hyperlinks on the Favorites page
  • Added some future feature ideas being tested in development of the RASProjectHook, VFP Tools page

Version 2.0.8
(Updated 7-Nov-1999)

  • Announced participation in the 1001 Visual FoxPro Tips, Hints and Gotchas published by Hentzenwerke Publishing
  • Updated a new version of the Visual Project Lister to fix some bugs, this can be found on the VFP Tools page
  • Added some new hyperlinks on the Favorites page

Version 2.0.7
(Updated 24-Oct-1999)

  • Added the Editor Comment String Setting tool to VFP Tools page (per October 1999 DAFUG meeting)
  • New article published in FoxTalk on the Articles page
  • New VFP conference announced by Tech Conferences, see the VFP Stuff page
  • Changed the base font from Arial to Tahoma (wow, I'm sure you noticed <g>)

Version 2.0.6
(Updated 22-Sep-1999)

  • Updated the Subclass Library Tool on the VFP Tools page
  • Update to the VFP conference information on the VFP Stuff page
  • New Hurricane link on the Favorites page
  • Some more clean up...<g>

Version 2.0.5
(Updated 25-Aug-1999)

  • Added a Campground page
  • New Visual FoxPro links on the Favorites page
  • Fixed layout problem in my Resume page

Version 2.0.4
(Updated 9-Aug-1999)

  • Cool new link to Sky Calendar on the Favorites page
  • GLGDW 2000

Version 2.0.3
(Updated 1-Aug-1999)

  • New announcement from Hentzenwerke Publishing on VFP Stuff page
  • Added links to download the 2 major browsers on Home page
  • Added deleted copyright to all pages
  • Some more clean up...<g>

Version 2.0.2
(Updated 27-Jul-1999)

  • Minor bug fixes and touch ups

Version 2.0.1
(Updated 25-Jul-1999)


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